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Twitch streaming

2017-06-21 17:50:39 by Nicfart646

I'll be Twitch streaming every Monday from now on at 5:00 EST / 6:00 EDT (cause my country uses daylight savings time.) And I'll be playing lots of Nintendo and PC with family and friends. And you get to see me embarrass myself as well so it's fun for everyone.

Come tune in, I'd love to chat there.

Hey, if you're reading this, and if you have the time, I have a link to my Soundcloud on my user page and if you could please look at it, that'd help me out so much, thank you all.

30% Finished.

2017-03-31 17:06:15 by Nicfart646

I finally got 30% on Breath of the Wild. Cool accomplishment. I have 70% to go.

Sorry for the long wait!

2017-03-19 20:52:41 by Nicfart646

First off, Zelda Breath of the Wild came out and I had to be the first one in line to pick it up and since Nintendo Switches sold out faster than you could say "omg Nicolas has the worst schedule", I got it on Wii U and I can say, there aren't much differences, it's just that there's a HUGE FRAME DROP WHEN YOU HEAD INTO POPULATED PLACES OR EXPLODE EVERYTHING, but otherwise it's super fun and probably the only Zelda thats gonna take me months to complete 100% (cause I've completed all other Zelda games 100%)

I'm gonna release a song that I originally had to release a while ago but, you see-- I got a new PC and I had to take all of my crap from one computer to another so I had to re-do it, but I ended up finishing it like two days later and I love how it sounds. I'll release the new version right now and the old one when I find where my old laptop was. ;) thanks for waiting and I promise, when I get more ideas I'll let you guys know and don't think I ever disappeared... Cause I never did, I was just enjoying some of my own time playing video games, (these songs are non-profit after all and they're just for fun, really.)

Hope you guys have a great day and go and listen to my new song if you actually follow what I do. See ya. ;)

If you haven't noticed...

2017-02-02 21:40:24 by Nicfart646

I'm back and have already released two songs in 2017. I'm back on track and partially out of my "deep depression".

Sorry, but I'll be absent due to many personal complications...


I won't be gone for too long, for now, please, listen to my wonderful music, and I promise I'll be back very soon...


- Nicolas Kaplan

More Undertale...

2016-12-04 20:08:27 by Nicfart646


New Song!

2016-11-23 17:16:01 by Nicfart646

The new song is coming soon, wait 10 minutes maximum for it to come up.


2016-11-09 18:21:06 by Nicfart646

Expect new song released in next 10 minutes.


This sucks...

2016-11-07 19:46:33 by Nicfart646

Apologizing for the "clickbait" title, but seriously, I was gonna release a new song today, but I ended up NOT releasing the song because the music program crashed when I was re-listening to it, I re-did a few things, but I could only do a few tracks, the middle should be a little weird, but weird is cool right? It still has an amazing tune to it and I know you guys will LOVE it. ;)