Sorry for the long wait!

2017-03-19 20:52:41 by Nicfart646

First off, Zelda Breath of the Wild came out and I had to be the first one in line to pick it up and since Nintendo Switches sold out faster than you could say "omg Nicolas has the worst schedule", I got it on Wii U and I can say, there aren't much differences, it's just that there's a HUGE FRAME DROP WHEN YOU HEAD INTO POPULATED PLACES OR EXPLODE EVERYTHING, but otherwise it's super fun and probably the only Zelda thats gonna take me months to complete 100% (cause I've completed all other Zelda games 100%)

I'm gonna release a song that I originally had to release a while ago but, you see-- I got a new PC and I had to take all of my crap from one computer to another so I had to re-do it, but I ended up finishing it like two days later and I love how it sounds. I'll release the new version right now and the old one when I find where my old laptop was. ;) thanks for waiting and I promise, when I get more ideas I'll let you guys know and don't think I ever disappeared... Cause I never did, I was just enjoying some of my own time playing video games, (these songs are non-profit after all and they're just for fun, really.)

Hope you guys have a great day and go and listen to my new song if you actually follow what I do. See ya. ;)


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